Yearly pre NOFOTA events

Every year Agrioil holds a traditional Pre-NOFOTA event for their esteemed clients. Here all our most valued clients can meet, talk and eat in a most relaxed atmosphere mixed with some unexpected actions and games.

Agrioil goes out of time!

Yet another event full of surprises. After starting in a “dodgy” bar in Rotterdam, drinking gin & tonic, eating caviar, watching pole dancing, listening to the DJ’s music and a surprise visit by Marilyn Monroe our clients were transported to a beautiful church in Delfshaven by an oldtimer tram. As one person remarked; “shouldn’t you have travelled the other way round?”

Inside the church our clients enjoyed an excellent dinner, good music and a very exciting popquiz. Throughout these events there were surprise visits and entertainment by Madonna, Amy Winehouse and a couple of nuns. A live band performed at the end of this very successful event again so well organized by our friends from Buro Ruw.

Agrioil on the move

The biggest surprise of the last 5 years! Our guests had no idea what this event would stand for. What were they going to do during Agrioil on the move?

It ended up being an exploration tour through a part of Rotterdam called Katendrecht. Katendrecht used to be known as the red light district of Rotterdam. This red light district had a function during the 2nd world war. The Germans were not allowed in this part of Rotterdam as they were afraid of catching certain diseases and thus being the perfect location for persons in hiding. This created much input for tall stories, sentimental songs, perfect sketches and funny improvisation.

After a stylish reception at the Royal Rowing and Sailing association “De Maas” our guests were taken on a sightseeing trip on the river Maas by 5 extremely fast RIB boats. Going on shore next to Hotel New York they were taken on a Theatre Tour through Katendrecht, visiting the Pinball Museum and a typical Dutch Pub encountering several great acts and surprices along the way. After enjoying dinner in the Belvédere and coffee in a cosy Dutch cafe we went to the Walhalla Theatre for the grand final of our Agrioil on the Move event. Here we saw a fantastic show by Nick Boes, who is the first person we ever saw beeing able to impersonate the sound of a growing soybean!

Agrioil behind bars

Our clients were welcomed in a local pub in Rotterdam-North where they enjoyed a beer while waiting what this year’s event would bring. After this they were taken to the (until then unknown) Noordsingel prison.

This old prison was waiting to be renovated into small flats, however today it was reserved for Agrioil’s pre-NOFOTA event. It was restyled into to sixties atmosphere with music, livecooking and drinks. The dinner was held in one of the wings of the prison and after the desserts were served the evening really got started. A “Prison Escape” was organised by a team of actors who imprisoned all our clients. The idea was to try and find a way out of this jail during the game which followed. Most of our esteemed clients were successful although rumour has it that a few were never seen, or heard of again…

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Watch the after movie of Agrioil Behind Bars!

Agrioil in the Air

After “on the Maas” and “On the Road” events we had the idea to go a bit higher up this year. Agrioil in the Air proved to be a successful formula. After starting with a drink in the Inntel Hotel in Rotterdam our guests were taken to a field near Barendrecht. There they enjoyed grilled snacks, champagne and other drinks and a lesson in sabraging. The absolute highlight of this year’s event was a helicopter flight above Rotterdam. Agrioil in the Air 2015 was blessed with a beautiful warm sunny day.

After this extraordinary experience our clients were treated to a dinner with a panoramic view from the 16th floor in the Inntel Hotel. A DJ made sure the guests could relax while playing the casino games during which they tried to win an amount for a good cause chosen by the eventual winner.

Agrioil on the Road

With a larger part of our clients being international we chose to have a Dutch theme throughout this event. An old schoolbus took our guests to the oldest private car collection in the world. After the welcome drinks with typical Dutch music the clients were taken on a guided tour through this magnificent car museum. During the tour they were treated to some typical Dutch snacks and drinks.

After the guided tour our guests enjoyed a luxury “Dutch” buffet during which they were taken by surprise by a Dutch magician. The challenge of the evening was to win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Agrioil on the Road 2014 price by playing on one of the race car simulators. This competition was tough and after a close race the prices were handed out.

Agrioil on the Maas

Agrioil organised their first international client event during the late summer of 2013. Starting from the cruiseship SS Rotterdam, a coach took all our clients to a small boat which sailed on the river Maas. During this trip back to Rotterdam the clients enjoyed a nice buffet and drinks. On board was a small casino where our guests placed their bets to try and win the Agrioil Cup.

To make the event even more spectacular we had arranged a surprise visit of several RIB powerboats. These boats took our clients through Rotterdam on the Maas at more than 100 kms per hour, something they still remember today. The Agrioil on the Maas event ended in the bar of the SS Rotterdam on which some guests also spend the night.
We are grateful to our friends at for successfully organising
all our business events over the past years.