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Agrioil connects international buyers and sellers of vegetable oils and animal fats. We are a brokerage and consultancy firm with over 40+ years of experience.

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Agrioil connects sellers and buyers by providing the latest actual vegetable oils market information. As part of ongoing efforts to offer the best in service and support to our valued clients, Agrioil also assists in contract execution. Over the years, international trade has responded with unparalleled loyalty.


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We are experts in vegetable oil markets since 1979. In the early years mainly driven by foodconsumer business, nowadays the market is also much influenced by the biodiesel industry. Agrioil is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the center of the European vegetable oil markets. We have clients coming from all different industries and many parts of the world. We aim to provide an outstanding oil broking service to our clientele, irrespective of their size or location.

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Brokering & contract execution

We have a great deal of experience in negotiating specific contract details and variables for our clients. Whether it’s about payment terms, special clauses, specific product specifications, or delivery conditions. Agrioil can assist and help you also after the trade with the execution of your commodity contracts.