George Neureiter

    Broker and co-owner

    I joined Agrioil in 1984 after working in the vegoil markets for 4 years as a junior trader. Much has changed over the years, but still loving the job.

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    Leo Snijders

    Broker and co-owner

    I have been with Agrioil since the early 80’s. Communicating with clients and analyzing markets at the same time remain a challenge.

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    Matthijs Lautenslager

    Hugo Heystek

    If I want to trade the paper markets through Agrioil, can you advice me on contract conditions?
    Yes, apart from trading your ideas on the markets we can assist you with the execution of the contracts.
    Apart from the mentioned vegetable oils on your website, do you trade any other commodities?
    No, we only trade the vegetable oils mentioned on our website.
    Do you produce any vegetable oils?
    No, we are brokers and do not produce anything ourselves.
    Do you buy or sell any products under your company name?
    No we only act as brokers between buyers and sellers.