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We specialize in every kind of animal fat: CAT 1, CAT2 or CAT3 animal fats, used in feed or food industries. We can also assist with sourcing of ISCC animal fats for the production of biodiesel. Our customers range from pet food manufactures, oleochemia, soap companies, animal feed producers and biofuel producers. Animal Fat is a by-product of meat and poultry production.

Industrial application

Animal fat finds various industrial applications due to its unique properties. It can be used in the production of soaps, candles, lubricants, and biodiesel fuel. Additionally, like palm oil, animal fat serves as a raw material for the manufacturing of cosmetics, skincare products, and animal feed formulations. Its versatility makes it valuable in numerous industrial sectors.

Animal fat export

Exporting animal fat presents opportunities for businesses engaged in the animal by-product industry. It can be sourced from various animal sources and processed into different grades and forms for diverse applications. Animal fat exports cater to industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biodiesel production, contributing to global trade and economic growth.

Livestock feed

Animal fat is a valuable ingredient in livestock feed formulations. It provides a concentrated source of energy and essential fatty acids, promoting healthy growth and development in animals. When properly incorporated into balanced diets, animal fat enhances palatability, improves nutrient absorption, and contributes to the overall nutritional well-being of livestock


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  • Cat 3
  • ISCC
  • FCA
  • FOT
  • Ex-works
  • IBC's
  • Flexitank
  • DAP
  • DDP
What are animal fats?

Animal fats are by-products of the production of meat, fish, milk and accessorily poultry and eggs. Animal fats are used for food, feed (pet food), oleochemical products, biodiesel, pharmacy and the production of candles. The most common animal fats are: tallow, suet, lard, leaf lard, schmaltz, goose fat and duck fat.

Where to buy bulk animal fats?

Animal fats are sold by the food/meat industry and processors. Wholesalers of vegetable oils regularly sell animal fats.

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Where can I find buyers looking for animal fats?

There are companies that will buy animal fats and turn them into biofuels, use them for personal care products or use it in the food industry. Also feed compound companies buy the animal fats to process it in the animal feed.

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