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Opportunities for Used Cooking Oil Collectors and Traders in the biofuels market

April 17, 2024 in UCO by Matthijs Lautenslager

As a Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collector or trader, the growing demand for sustainable biofuels presents a wealth of opportunities to maximize your profits. In this blog, we’ll explore the key trends and avenues to capitalize on the expanding UCO-based biofuels market.

The Rising Demand for UCO-derived Biofuels

In recent years, the global demand for renewable fuels such as biodiesel and renewable diesel has surged. Businesses and consumers are increasingly aware of the need to transition to more environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. This has led to a significant increase in the demand for UCO as a feedstock for biofuel production.

Estimates suggest that the global production of UCO-based biofuels will continue to grow at an annual rate of 5-7% in the coming years. Particularly in the EU, where strict sustainability requirements are in place for biofuels, there is a strong and growing demand for UCO as a feedstock.

Opportunities for UCO Collectors and Traders

This expanding market presents numerous opportunities for UCO collectors and traders to maximize their profits:

  1. Expanding UCO Collection Networks: By expanding your network of collection points, you can gather more UCO as a feedstock for biofuel production. This improves your economies of scale and strengthens your competitive position.
  2. Optimizing Logistics and Processing: Investing in efficient logistics and advanced processing technologies can enhance the quality and yield of your UCO supply. This can help you command higher prices from biofuel producers.
  3. Diversifying Product Offerings: In addition to selling raw UCO, you can explore opportunities to process and sell refined UCO, or even work with biofuel producers to sell intermediate products like pre-treated UCO.
  4. Building Brand and Market Reputation: By positioning your company as a reliable and high-quality supplier of UCO, you can establish a strong brand and potentially achieve price premiums in the market.
  5. Forging Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with partners across the value chain, such as biofuel producers, logistics providers, and end-users, can unlock synergies and optimize the overall supply chain.


The booming demand for sustainable biofuels presents a wealth of opportunities for Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collectors and traders to maximize their profits. By investing in collection network expansion, logistics optimization, product diversification, and strategic partnerships, you can capitalize on this dynamic market and strengthen your competitive position. If you need more information or assistance, please let us know.

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